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Sunday, October 12, 2014



Some time ago I blogged on a soldier in the 3rd Battalion for which I possessed a medal grouping, who came from the Town of Fenelon Falls, As we had a summer home outside of Omemee, I became acquainted with the names on the Omemee Cenotaph which led me to the Halifax Memorial and an aboriginal soldier who perished in the Halifax Explosion (Adam Sandy). I have added to and embellished the list provided in the book County of Victoria Centennial History Watson Kirkconnell, 1921, 1967 (Revised), Lindsay.
Canada, as part of the British Empire, became involved August 4, 1914. A First Contingent of 33,000 men was mobilized at Valcartier, near Quebec, and sailed for England on the 3rd of October. This prompt achievement was chiefly due to the personal energy of the Minister of Militia, Sir Sam Hughes, Of Lindsay.

With the First Contingent went a detachment of 75 men from Victoria County under Lieut. Col. F.H. Hopkins, Lieut. Walter Kirkconnell, Lieut. W.W. Wilson, and Lieut. George Weeks.

The Second and subsequent Canadian Contingents did not cross to England intact. The volunteer system was practiced until June, 1917, and yielded 450,000 enlistments. The government then enforced conscription and secured 100,000 more recruits. 

The chief contributions of Victoria County after the First Contingent had left were to the 21st, 39th, 109th, and 252nd Battalions. “F” Company of the 21st Battalion, (Second Contingent) contained 110 local men. The 39th Battalion had a somewhat smaller number. The 109th Battalion, commanded by Lt. Col. J.J.H. Fee, was actually mobilized in Lindsay and reached a strength of 1050 in the spring of 1916. The 252nd Battalion, under Lt. Col. J.J. Glass, was not so successful, for it was organized in the lean days when voluntary enlistment was petering out. Many other Victoria County boys enlisted in units elsewhere so that the rolls of the local units would not be at all representative. An authoritative list of all who enlisted from this county could easily be compiled but would violate the proportions of a brief history of this sort. 


It has been thought wise, however, to include the following list of over 200 heroes from this county who gave their lives for the cause of righteousness. The basis of this record is a list which I have prepared from the official files of the Patriotic Fund, which included all cases where the soldier had designated Victoria County as the home of his next-of-kin. To this definite nucleus I have added many names, gleaned from miscellaneous sources, of those who once claimed this county as their home but had been transplanted elsewhere prior to enlistment. The list is as follows:
Adam, Charles, 434640, Cpl., 50th Bn.,19/11/1016, Lindsay?
Aldous,Thomas G., #725507,Pte.,38th Bn., 09/04/1917,Fenelon Falls.
Alldred, Wilbert P., #725527, 38th L/Cpl., 27/03/1918, Bobcaygeon.
Allen, John, #724001, RSM, 124th Bn., 09/08/1918, Lindsay.
Allin, Elton Culbert, Lt., 44th Bn., 203rd Bn.,09/05/1917, Lindsay.
Alton, William Richard,#3036781,Pte.,1st E.O.R.,25/08/1918,Victoria Road.
Arscott, Thomas Albert, #724687, Pte., 20th Bn.,09/04/1917, Bobcaygeon.
Akister, George W., #427822, Pte., 28th Bn., 15/09/1916, Fenelon Falls.
Anderson, William Kay, Lt., RFC, 07/01/1918, Lindsay.
Andrews, Harry William, #724700, Private, 20th Bn.,09/08/1917,Lindsay.
Angiers, Patrick Herbert, #726136,Private,38th Bn., 21/07/1918, Coboconk.
Arnold, Oliver Samuel, #104111, Private,116th Bn.,22/08/1917,Mariposa Tp.
Bailey, Joseph Panet(M.M.), #145742, Lt., 38th Bn., 02/09/1918, Lindsay.
Bailey, William Edward, #725612, Pte., 20th Bn.,13/08/1918, Bexley.
Barge, Alfred Arthur, #455260, Private, 2nd Bn., 27/09/1918, Mariposa Tp.
Barjarow, Tracy E., #724520, 18, Pte., 38th Bn., 09/04/1917, Coboconk.
Barjarow, Stanley E., #724519, 19, Pte., 38th Bn.,27/06/1917, Coboconk.
Bateman, Russell Albert, #139522,Pte., 3rd Bn., 06/11/1917, Kirkfield.
Beecroft, Harvey T., #475768, Lt.,7th Coy.CMGC,08/10/1916, Fenelon Falls.
Bester, Robert, #724532, 20th Bn., Pte., 26/12/1917, Omemee.
Bird, Benjamin, #100993, Pte., 49th Bn., 15/09/1916, Haliburton.
Bishop, Arthur, #636302, Pte., 2nd Bn., 03/05/1917, Haliburton.
Bole, Clarence H.,#3059962, Pte., 6th(Reserve) Bn.,14/10/1918, Woodville.
Boucher, William David, #745335, Pte., 2nd Bn., 04/05/1917, Mariposa Tp.
Boyd, Thornton B., #475786, Pte., P.P.C.L.I., 05/06/1916, Bobcaygeon.
Brady, Thomas Edward, #59090, Pte., 34th Coy., CFC, 08/10/1918, Lindsay.
Brimmell, Albert M.,#540316, Pte.,C.C.Cylist, 04/09/1917, Little Britain.
Brooks, Edwin Arthur, #57984, Pte., 20th Bn., 15/09/1916, Bobcaygeon.
Brown, Harry W., #226353, Pte., 10thBn.,VICTORIA CROSS,17/08/1917 Omemee.
Budd, James John, #726089, Pte., 20th Bn., 11/11/1917, Burnt River.
Byng, George, #59126, Pte., 21st Bn., 12/10/1918, Bobcaygeon.
Cameron, Alexander, #800131, Pte., 15th Bn., 16/08/1917, Lindsay.
Campbell, Alexander, #895492, L/Cpl., 50th Bn., 27/09/1918, Cameron.
Campbell, John, #724729, Cpl., No CWGC record, Woodville.
Campbell, William Ross, #724664, Pte., 20th Bn.,08/05/1917, Argyle.
Campbell, Russell A.,#502, Spr.,6th Field Coy.,CE.,15/11/1915, Kirkfield.
Carew, Robert, #1087011, Pte., 15th Bn., 06/11/1917, Burnt River.
Carnochan, William, #1087289, Pte., 21st Bn., 13/05/1918, Haliburton.
Chambers, Allister, #2129026, Pte., 8th Bn., 02/10/1918, Cambray.
Castle, George John, #724679, Pte., 124th Bn
Clare, Stephen Joseph, #487651, Pte., No CWGC record, Mariposa Tp.
Copp, Charles, Pte., Unknown, Mariposa Tp.
Cornforth, Sydney Charles, #477197, Sgt.,RCR, 11/04/1917, Lindsay.
Cotey, Earle, #454608, Pte., 38th Bn., 02/03/1917, Lindsay.
Cragg, Russell Alexander, #109282, Pte., 4th CMR, 02/06/1916, Lindsay.
Crarey, Russell, #3057627, Pte., 21st Bn., 11/10/1918, Kirkfield.
Cundal, William J., #21225, Cpl., 4th Bn., 09/07/1916, Cameron.
Cunnings, William James, Pte., #907468, 5th Bn., 28/04/1917, Oakwood.
Curry, Albert George, #726005,
Curry, Andrew James, #726004,
Curry, Frederick, Capt., 2nd Bn.,
Curry, Russell Samuel, #726092, Pte., 20th Bn., 09/08/1917, Haliburton.
Curtin, Patrick, Pte., #447907, 50th Bn., 01/11/1916, Lindsay.
Cuthbert, Samuel, Pte., #724740, Canadian Pioneers,18/10/1917, Lindsay.
Dark, Percy Stoate, Pte., #59235, 18, 21st Bn., 12/06/1916, Lindsay.
Dawson, Alfred Simmonds, #3031460, Pte., 20th Bn., 10/11/1918, Kinmount.
Dawson, Hector, Pte., #412796, 14th Bn., 22/10/1915, Kinmount.
Day, Richard James, #454221, 47, Pte., 2nd Bn., 09/09/1916, Norland.
Daynes, Duncan Morrison, #412700, Pte.,13th Bn.,13/06/1916,  Eldon Stn.
Denison, Francis Turquand, Pte., #624551,27th Bn.,27/08/1917, Eldon Stn.
Donaldson, Robert J., #725569, Pte., 20th Bn., 10/11/1917, Fenelon Falls.
Elliott, Walter Waldron, #412456, L/Sgt., 25th Bn., 30/09/1916, Lindsay.
Faulkner, Roy, #4020572, Pte., 2nd Bn., 31/08/1918, Coboconk.
Ferguson, James W., #1087029, L/Cpl, 21st Bn., 27/08/1918, Valentia.
Fitzgerald,John James, #724248, Pte., 124th Bn., 14/12/1916, Head Lake.
Fortier, Nelson, #412978, Pte., 13th Bn., 27/10/1917, Lindsay.
Foster, John, Pte., Infantry, No Record, Mariposa Tp.
Freeman, Benjamin, #745309, Pte.,3rd Bn., 05/11/1917, Mariposa Tp.
Fry, Henry, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Garbutt, Sarah Ellen, Nursing Sister, C.A.N.S., 20/08/1917, Lindsay.
Gifford, Victor R.,#5094, Driver, 1st Field Coy.,C.E.,07/09/1916 Lindsay.
Gillies, Hector, #782190, Pte., 46th Bn.,26/08/1918, Lindsay.
Gosselin,Alphonse,#3056618,Pte.,E.O.R.6th Res.Bn.,08/10/1918 Downeyville.
Gray, John Wilford, #887042, 14th Bn.,Pte., 04/03/1917, Lindsay.
Gregory, Richard, #726015, Pte., 21st Bn., 29/11/1916, Haliburton.
Grinstead, William George, #8716, Manchester Rgt.,29/10/1914, Valencia.
Groves, Robert, #724293, Pioneer, 124th Bn., 25/12/1917, Burnt River.
Goldie, Eric James (Grace), #2303,3rd Bn.,London Rgt.,28/11/1915 Lindsay.
Glendenning, Stanley, Cdt, 1AG Sqn Royal Air Force,17/07/1918,Sunderland.
Gallagher, W. N., Lieut., Infantry, No CWGC record, Omemee.
Hall, Arnold Rossiter, #512313, Pte.,C.E., 07/09/1918,Lindsay.
Hall, Geo. Carlton, #725217, Pte., 38th Bn.,28/06/1917, Cambray.
Halliday, Adam Sydney, #3059715, Pte., E.O.R., 22/10/1919, Fenelon Falls.
Hancock, Armour Ellington, #454174, Pte.,459th Coy., 20/11/1918, Lindsay.
Harper, William, #724580, Sergeant,124th Pioneer Bn.,28/03/1918, Lindsay.
Hartwick, Herbert,#26662, Spr, 5th Bn. CRT, 11/01/1919, Lindsay.
Hill, Joseph Leslie, #455255, 21st Bn., Pte.,30/09/1916, Bobcaygeon.
Hill, William Albert, #725555, Pte., 21st Bn.,03/11/1917, Bobcaygeon.
Holliday, Herbert A., #310621, Gunner, 9th Br.CFA, 25/07/1916, Coboconk.
Hopkins, Fred Holmes, Lieut.-Col., 17th Bn., 30/01/1916, Lindsay.
Horton, Thomas, #1100006, Pte., CFC, 15/05/1917, Kinmount.
Howe, John. C., #724601, Pte., 20th Bn., 15/08/1917, Lindsay.
Howe, Joseph, #724036, Pte., 2nd Bn., 09/08/1918, Haliburton.
Hughes, Wesley, #724057, Pte.,38th Bn.,27/06/1917, Burnt River.
Irwin, Norman, #166352, Cpl.,2nd Cdn Pioneer Bn., 22/10/1918, Lindsay.
Jackson, Charles Edward, #724726, Private, No CWGC record, Lindsay.
Jackson, Reginald. G., #724755, 38th, Bn., 11/08/1917, Private, Lindsay.
Jeffers, Frank Alfred, Pte., Infantry, NO RECORD, Little Britain.
Johnston, John Arthur, #724685, L/Cpl., 21st.Bn.,15/08/1917, Bobcaygeon.
Johnson, Reginald, Pte., Infantry, No CWGC record, Lindsay.
Johnson, Martin, Pte., Infantry, No CWGC record, Fenelon Falls.
Johnston, Willard, #799144, Pte.,15th Bn.,25/08/1917, Lindsay.
Johnston, William Russell, #201200, Pte., 3rd Bn., 05/05/1917, Lindsay.
Junkin, Irvine, #3056342, Pte., 2nd Bn., 27/09/1918, Bobcaygeon.
Junkin, Percy John, #725589, Pte., 21st Bn., 20/11/1916, Bobcaygeon.
Kent, William Gordon, #1027027, Pte., 75th Bn.,28/10/1918, Lindsay.
King, Henry William, #724682,Pte.,124th Pioneer Bn.,08/11/1917 Head Lake.
Kinghorn, John, #669238, Pte., 3rd Bn., 08/10/1916, Woodville.
Kirkconnell, Walter Allison, Lt.,14th Bn., 08/08/1918, Lindsay.
Kylie, Edward J., Captain, 147th Bn., 04/05/1916, Lindsay.
Kirton, Albert Edward, #157614, Gunner, CFA, 03/09/1918, Mariposa Tp.
Kirton, William, #745403, Pte., 2nd Bn., 21/03/1918, Mariposa Tp.
Knowlson, Henry Athan, #2765189, Pte., No CWGC record, Lindsay.
Lanning, Percy,H. #59565, Pte., 21st Bn., 27/11/1915, Mariposa, Tp.
Leach, Albert Kenneth, #724246, Pte., 21st. Bn.,07/05/1918, Lindsay.
LeBel, Joseph Francis, #412780, Pte., 20th Bn.,17/11/1915, Lindsay.
Lee, George Herbert, #724122, Pte., 21st Bn., 10/04/1917, Woodville.
Lee, William George,,#724138, Pte., 21st Bn., 17/01/1917, Woodville.
Lennie, Lewis Frederick, #412703, CASC Amm.Sub Park, 14/07/1916, Lindsay.
Liscombe, Edward R., #724160, Pte., 21st Bn., 15/08/1917, Coboconk.
Logan, George, #724255, Pte., 21st Bn., 09/04/1917, Haliburton.
Lyle, Wilbert Merle, #725587, Gunner,6th Bde.CFA, 22/12/1917, Bobcaygeon.
Lyon, Edwin Percy, #461230, Pte., 44th Bn., 16/02/1917, Little Britain.
Lynwood, William John (Linwood), No CWGC record
Mark, Robert Henry, #724272, Pte., 38th Bn., 03/11/1917, Cameron.
Matthews, Alfred Joseph, Captain, 27th Bn., 26/02/1916, Lindsay.
Metcalfe, Charles N., #724183, Pte.,2ndBn CMGC,15/08/1918, Fenelon Falls.
Miller, Charles Albert, #7762, Pte., 2nd Bn., 05/06/1915, Lindsay.
Miller, Joseph John, #2304413, Pte., P.P.C.L.I., 19/08/1918, Kinmount.
Mills, Frederick Howard, #116146, Sgt., 2nd CMR, 08/08/1918, Argyle.
Mitchell Douglas Gordon,MM, #8627, Sgt.,2nd Bn.,11/04/1917, Lindsay.
Mitchell, Thomas Henry, #3060570,Pte.,E.O.R., 11/07/1918, Little Britain.
Morrison, William James, #724239, Pte., 20th Bn.,14/05/1917, Lindsay.
Murray, Albert, #412787, Pte., 14th Bn., 15/10/1915, Valentia.
Murtha, James, #183989, Pte., 31st Bn., 27/09/1916, Lindsay.
McDonald, Alexander,
McDonald, Kenneth,
McDonnell, Edward, #402903, Pte., 13th Bn., 27/09/1918, Lindsay
McDougall, Russell Hugh, #725536,109th Bn.,No CWGC record, Fenelon Falls.
McEachern, Malcolm, #725598, Pte, 21st Bn., 17/01/1917, Woodville.
McFadyen, Henry Lorne,DCM, #730710, Pte., 18th Bn., 10/11/1917, Cambray.
McGann, Joseph Patrick, #724562, L/Cpl.,44th Bn.,09/09/1917, Downieville.
McGill, Ivan Elmer, #59718, Pte., 21st Bn., 08/04/1916, Lindsay.
McGinnis, Sidney, #725078, Pte., 20th Bn., 03/06/1918, Lindsay.
McGuire, James Patrick, #59723, 21st Bn., 26/08/1918, Kinmount.
McInnis, D., No CWGC record.
McInnis, Charles Howard,MM,#724261,L/Cpl.,21st Bn.,11/10/1918,Lorneville
McKay, Robert,, No CWGC record.
McMurray, George, #724589, Pte., 38th Bn., 09/04/1917, Lorneville.
McMillan, William Duncan, #410837, Pte., 38th Bn., 27/03/1918, Lindsay.
McNutt, Wm. Geo. Stanley,#464603, Pte., 54th Bn., 25/10/1916, Bobcaygeon.
Naismith, James, #410158, Pte., 38th Bn., No CWGC record.
Naylor, John Denby, #725568, Pte., 20th Bn., 10/05/1917, Cameron.
Newell, Alfred Charles, No CWGC record.
Northey, Melville, #725567, Pte., 21st. Bn., 09/11/1917, Bobcaygeon.
Owens, Hillary Pomery, #745452, Pte., 3rd Bn., 19/08/1917, Woodville.
Oxby, William Edward, #853763, Pte., 19th Bn., 28/08/1918, Dalton.
Padden, Herbert, No CWGC record.
Parkes, Cleveland Adair, #725077, Pte., 38th Bn., 09/04/1917, Lindsay.
Parkin, Whyt Burnett, #141515, Pte., 24th Bn., 06/11/1917, Lindsay.
Parks, Alvin Morse, #454075, Pte., R.C.R., 08/10/1916, Lindsay?
Patton, Neil Smith, #724125, Pte., 75th Bn., 30/09/1918, Lindsay.
Peters, William Claude, #814787, Pte., 19th Bn., 25/03/1917, Lindsay?
Poast, Roy Irvine, #475311, Pte., P.P.C.L.I., 18/07/1916, Omemee.
Pollitt, George, #725015, Pte., 38th Bn., 09/04/1917, Omemee.
Reeves, Robert, #724049, Pte., 20th Bn., 08/08/1918, Lindsay?
Robinson, William Morris, #410606, 38th Bn., 08/11/1917, Lindsay?
Rogers, Garfield Redman, Lt.,11th Bde., CFA, 21/04/1917, Oakwood.
Rushton, William Stanley, #760688, Pte., 7th Bn., 15/08/1917, Kirkfield.
Russell, Victor, #745169, Pte., 19th Bn., 08/08/1918, Oakwood.
Ryall, George, #725050, Pte., 20th Bn., 27/11/1917, Little Britain.
Rooke, Edwin Martin, #304309, Sgt., 2nd Bde., CFA, 13/06/1916, Lindsay?
Sandiland, James Thomas, #454184, L/Cpl.,26th Bn., 17/09/1916, Kirkfield.
Saville, George, #412867, Pte., 13th Bn., 17/11/1915, Oakwood.
Scott, Alexander McKay, Lt., 21st Bn., 11/10/1918, Gelert.
Scott, Walter Henry, #145284, Sgt., 38th Bn., 19/11/1916, Lindsay.
Scott, John Ernest, #725130, Pte., 2nd Bn., 18/08/1917, Little Britain.
Selby, Thomas Ralph, #725546, Pte., 21st Bn., 09/05/1917, Bobcaygeon.
Shankland, John Wilfred, #725524, Pte.,20th Bn.,09/11/1917,Fenelon Falls.
Shaw, William Leslie, #409307, Pte., 31st Bn., 06/11/1917, Lindsay.
Shea, James Edward, #80228, Pte., 38th Bn., 24/08/1915, Lindsay.
Silverthorn, Howard Wesley, #725609, Pte., 21st Bn.,01/05/1917, Bolsover.
Smith, Edward, #724705, Pte., 109th Alberta Regt., 17/10/1917, Lindsay.
Stewart,Robert, Unknown.
Stinson, Charles Howard, #725549, Pte.,21st Bn.,09/05/1917,Fenelon Falls.
Stinson, William Norman, #2692622, Pte.,2nd Bn.,CGR, 05/11/1918, Lindsay.
Sumner, John Cooper, #724075, Pte., 20th Bn., 09/04/1917, Seagrave.
Swardfager, Frederick, #111591, Pte., 4th CMR, 02/06/1916, Lindsay.
Sutcliffe, Charles Elliott, Major, 77th Bn., 06/06/1917, Lindsay.
Swayze, David Alexander, #74321, Cdt., RFC, 06/10/1917, Lindsay.
Swayze, William Keith, Lt., RFC, 26/02/1920, Lindsay.
Taggart, Gordon, #725559, Pte., 21st Bn., 27/12/1917, Fenelon Falls.
Tamlin, Melville Edgar,, #3059964, 6th Reserve Bn., 24/10/1918, Cambray.
Taylor, William Edward, #3060923, 1st Bn, EOR, 27/10/1918, Victoria Road.
Tough, Archable Russell, #724575, Pte., 20th Bn., 09/04/1917, Kirkfield.
Trevor, Foster, #412999, Pte., 20th Bn., 15/09/1916, Lindsay.
Trevor, Ralph, #454318, Pte., 24th Bn., 17/09/1917, Lindsay.
Trott, Joseph, #724050, Pte., 20th Bn., 14/04/1917, Lindsay.
Tripp, James Albert, #725600, Pte., 21st Bn., 09/05/1917, Bobcaygeon.
Truax, Charles Roy, #3059739,Pte.,6th Reserve Bn.,30/10/1918, Coboconk.
Truax, Peter, #348028, Dvr, CFA, 8th Brigade, 21/05/1918, Coboconk.
Vickery, Orville Wilson, L.-Cpl.,#725058, 20th Bn.,28/08/1918, Lindsay.
Valentine, William, #724131, Pte., 38th Bn., 26/03/1917, Miner’s Bay.
Watson, Thomas M., Pte., #724055, 20th Bn., 08/04/1917, Mariposa Tp.
Watt, Donald, #811931, Pte., 8th Bn.,08/08/1918, Haliburton.
Weeks, Clarence G., Lieut., MC, #724021, 75th Bn., 22/08/1918, Lindsay.
Wheeler, Charles, Pte., #453150, 2nd Bn., MG, 03/06/1916, Lindsay.
Whetter, Fred Freeman, Pte., #745500,166th Bn., 01/07/1917, Woodville.
White, Joseph, Sergeant, #725123, 44th Bn.,28/09/1918, Lindsay.
Whitney, Joseph W., Pte., #1097051, 21st Bn., 12/08/1918, Burnt River.
Williams, Arthur James, Major, RCR, 15/08/1916, Lindsay.
Wilson, Robert T., Pte., #745220, 18th Bn., 05/01/1917, Mariposa Tp.
Winchester, John, Pte.,#424257, 21st Bn., 15/08/1917, Lindsay.
Wright, James M., Sapper, #754977, 13th CLR, 30/01/1918,  Bobcaygeon.
Wilson, Bruce, Flight Commander, Royal Air Force, 01/11/1918, Lindsay.
Wilson, William Webster., Capt., Cdn Signal Corps,09/10/1916, Lindsay.


Almost 50% of these men were original 109th Battalion enlistees. I found a disaportionate number of these men were of Scottish heritage. Probably no surprise since Much of Victoria County, especially the western areas was settled by Scots. The occupation of the lost soldiers was by far, listed as "farmer' followed by "lumberman". Although I did not keep written track of the ages, the average age would have been certainly in the early twenties. From previous research, there were a number of under age soldiers - most of the youngest were held back and added to the roster of the 252nd Battalion. However a large number of 18 years olds from the 109th Battalion made it to the trenches. This list is by no means considered final. The remaining names for which no information could be found or are indeterminate can be may mean the names have been mispelled at source, they served in British Forces, their deaths came after the Commonwealth War Graves Commission cut-off in 1921 or any number of other reasons. I would certainly appreciate hearing about any errors and/or ommissions. 


Don said...

I am interested in 1st Div. 1st Brigate 3rd Regiment or Battalion and 4th.Battalion~ regimental diaries in particular 1st Div. Engineers and who they were attached to, example 3rd ( Toronto Regiment) Battalion were made up, so I believe, of 10th Royal Grenadiers; 48th Highlanders; 2nd. Regiment, Queen's Own & Governor General's Bodyguard ~ also interested in 5th Coy of this Battalion. It is very confusing how these units were formed as well as what they actually did during the WWI ~ such as infantry, artilery, postal system & other functions. Of particular interest is Reg./Service no. 9698 W.E.Marley ( Grandfather of D.L.Hedger) who was assigned to 1st div. Engineers ( because of Service in Boer War with Royal Engineers ( Great Britain) also Reg./Service no.642682 William George Hedger ( distant cousin of D.L.Hedger) ~ service no. indicates 4th battalion 1st Brigade however Attestation Paper indicates "157th O.S. Bn., C.E.F. ~ trouble finding who the 157th battalion was attached to however William George Hedger was a mechanic at Collingwood Ship Yards and as such was in Artillery, attached to what regimen?. Lot to the puzzle here I guess I would like to see the diaries of these battle units ~ where do we find these??

Bob said...

Hi Don
You have asked a number of questions. I will be most happy to try to answer some of them. However as I am a snowbird, away until the end of March meaning I have restricted resources with me. Yes it can be confusing. Some of us however have been studying the makeup and men of the CEF for a number of years and are quite happy to assist others.

Don said...

Still looking for any info on W.E. Marley #9698 & 1st Div. (engineers) C.E.F.