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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Private John Campbell #64036, 14th Battalion

Photo by Bob Richardson
Born August 5, 1985 Perth, Scotland to Mrs. Margaret Campbell and husband 1 Ishaffay Street, Perth. At the time of enlistment in 1914, John was working as a single stone mason in Quebec. He was 5'4 1/2' tall had fair complexion, brown eyes, poor teeth and and sandy hair. His religion was Presbyterian. Next of kin was his mother.Very strangely, he attested on the very last day just before the 23rd Battalion was entraining for Halifax, February, 1915.

Enlisted February 17. 19115 to the 23rd Battalion in /Quebec City before heading for Halifax. Perhaps this was his ticket home? The 23rd Battalion arrived in Shorncliffe England ultimately being broken up for reinforcements. John Campblee was given 4 days Field Punishment #2 and loss of pay for being absent from billets without leave. May 13, sent to 14th. Battalion. Killed in action December 15, 1915.

"KIA- Instantly killed by an enemy shell which hit the dugout which he was occupying". Buried in La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery, gave # II.C.2

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